A Development Video Log for Windfall

Sail into Virtual Reality

Windfall is an upcoming HTC Vive / Steam Virtual Reality sailing game which is focused on creating realistic, physics-based sailing.

You sail a virtual boat across a generated world trimming your sails and manning the tiller. Windfall has realistic ropes, that snap when you pull them and fall to the deck when you drop them. Seriously, these are very good rope simulations, you won't see them anywhere else. Grab the tiller and stear your boat downwind or across the wind with ease as long as you understand sailing.

Whether you are someone with years of experience or someone learning how to sail, you can get as close to the actual feeling of sailing without being on the water. The game is more similar to Grand Tourismo rather than an arcade feel of Mario Kart.

Physics Based Floating

Ropes, Ropes, Ropes

Physics Based Sails

All Multiplayer

Dynamic Weather

Day and Night

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Who is making this game?

My name is Kellan Higgins, and I am avid sailor and boat owner. I've been sailing since I was 16 where I learned how to sail on very tipable lasers (a small 14 foot racing boat). My friend bought a boat in 2014, and I jumped up to sailing larger boats! I've since bought the same boat and I will use it shamelessly to promote the game.

I have roughly 4 years of recent experience making video games. I spent the first 2 years making a zombie game that will never see the light of day. It was not great. This zombie game gave rise to Building Crafter which has had some moderate success.

After the zombie game went nowhere, I put on an original HTC Vive dev kit and experienced using controllers for the first time. "This is perfect for sailing" I thought. I then spent the next 2+ years making a realistic sailing game, as I learned all the physics, the vectors of physics and made the best virtual ropes in the world (or VR). I am proud of it!

I also made weird Klik & Play games when I was a child.

Windfall will be released on Steam!

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The Dev Log showing off flappy sails